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  • How can I contact the board of directors?

    The 2015 Enclave at Gross Lake Homeowners Association Board of Directors:
    President - Awilda "Windy" Gonzalez
    Vice President - Tina Dillard
    Secretary - Cathryn Lafayette
    Treasurer- Sam Grant
    You may contact any of the individuals listed above via email at

    For questions regarding financial information you may reach Sam Grant at 770-709-2102.
    If you have any suggestions or complaints, you may reach Awilda "Windy" Gonzalez at 770-709-1268.

    All calls will be returned within 24 hours.  Thank you.
  • How much are the HOA dues for 2015? <UPDATED>
    The 2015 annual assessment for The Enclave HOA is $275.  The due date for the annual assessment is February 28, 2015.
    EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: If you pay your annual assessment by January 31, 2015 you will receive a $25.00 discount.
  • What do my HOA dues cover?
    • Maintenance of the Common Area:
         Pool Operation
         Utilities [Electric, Phone, Fax, Internet, Water]
         Lake Maintenance
         All Repairs
    • Insurance:
         Common Area Property & Casualty Insurance
         Board of Directors Insurance
    • Financial Services & Fees
    • Legal Services
         Property Closings
         General Practice
    • Office Supplies & Equipment, Mailings, Memberships & Events
    • Property Management
  • Why do I have to pay Enclave HOA dues?
    When you signed your deed to your home at your closing you also agreed to be in the HOA and to follow the rules of the covenants and by laws. Lucky for all of us, in The Enclave, we are going to have the BEST YEAR every! So the Enclave HOA dues are mandatory for all Enclave homeowners. 
    For detailed information, please see the Enclave Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions [Article III, Section .04] and the By-Laws of the Enclave at Gross Lake Homeowner’s Association, Inc. [Article XI].
    Late payment of assessments will incur a late a fee of 10% and 10% interest will accrue monthly until the balance is paid in full.  Additionally, all delinquent accounts will incur a $50.00 administrative fee monthly to process the account and a lien may be filed against the property until payment in full is received.
  • How much were the HOA dues in past years?
    2010 - $275
    2011 - $275
    2012 - $275
    2013 - $275
    2014 - $275



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